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Sunday, January 1, 2012


A New Year’s GIFT to Members from Leaders!

Stabbing in the Back of Hundreds of Members?



Once again the ITGOA has failed to deliver. The agitation launched by ITGOA has suddenly been withdrawn without any of its demands being fulfilled. The agitation which started two months back with promise to fight till the demand of promotions of ITOs to the cadre of ACIT is fulfilled has met with an infantile mortality. It is bizarre and unfortunate but becoming a tradition of a sort with this set of leadership at CHQ. This is not the first time that fiasco has happened to the members of ITGOA. Now it seems to be an annual feature. Members of ITGOA feel cheated and fooled. Not only that they are now becoming a laughing stock in front of other communities in the Department and outside. Members should think now thousand times before lending their support to any agitation launched by the presents set of leaders. It appears that there was some other “hidden agenda” behind launch and its suspicious withdrawal. Members should catch the traitors by their collars in the coming bi-annual meet at MUMBAI and should through them out.


Thursday, December 15, 2011



31 October 1875
Karmsad, Gujarat
15 December 1950 (aged 75)

Today is 50th death anniversary of the Iron-Man of India, one of the Greatest Leaders this country ever had, the one and the only Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Sardar kept aside his personal interests in the service of this Great Nation. He was a selfless Leader who thought only of the interest of the Nation and his fellow country men. The God may guide our CHQ Leaders to draw some Inspiration from the Life and Work of SARDAR in the fight for the rights of the members of ITGOA.

Sunday, November 7, 2010



Tuesday, October 5, 2010



(28/02/1963 - 05/10/2010}

Income Tax Officers - Gujarat, mourns the sad and untimely demise of our friend and colleague Mr Liladhar R Brahmakshtriya, Income Tax Officer of Gujarat Charge.

He left this mortal world on 05th of October, after a very long illness, leaving behind him his wife and two children.

Mr Brahmkshtriya joined the Department in the Cadre of Income tax Inspector in 88-89 at Ahmedabad. He worked in the Investigation wing, Audit and Special Range at Ahmedabad. He was promoted as ITO in 2001 and was posted at Palanpur and then to Rajkot.

Due to his illness he was transferred to Ahmedabad for the purpose treatment.

Fondly known as BRHAMAJI in close circles, he was very soft-spoken, ever smiling and friendly personality. He was a very competent and intelligent Officer. The authorities under whom he worked during his relatively short-lived career held him in very high regards. The Department has lost a very brilliant officer and we all have lost a very good friend.

May the Departed Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!

Lets All Pray !!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Search and seizure is the "Brhamastra" of Income tax Department. Brahmastra means the ultimate weapon, it is considered the deadliest weapon. It is said that when a Brahmastra is discharged, there is neither a counter attack nor a defence that may stop it.

The Investigation wing of the Department is blessed with the power to ignite the Brahmastra of Search and Seizure but the Assessing officers in the Central Charges are burdened with the responsibility to give a final and decisive shape to the use and effect of the Brahmastra of search in the from of a solid full proof Assessment Order.

The Central Charges are the most important charges, are very very heavy in terms of work load and quantum involved and are also highly sensitive as it involves search assessments. The officer posted in a Central charge is expected to carry out a thorough verification of the voluminous seized material pulled up by a number of search parties without proper verification in many of the cases.

During the assessment proceedings in central circles many assesses, having an experience of search action, becomes very tough and defiant. The cases in the Central Circles are represented by very experienced, specialist and well equipped tax experts. The A O to has to handle them also.

In earlier times i.e. before 10 years or so senior most ACsIT of high calibre were picked up for posting in the Central Charges so that the action of search and seizure is justified by a proper and correct assessment. However in last few years it is seen that tendency of posting newly promoted ACsIT or inexperienced Officers in the Central Charges has developed. This is not best of practices and is also against the settled traditions of the Department.

The posting in the Central Circle of a newly promoted AC normally comes as a shock to him which wipes of the joy of promotion. This is like a person who is up till now doing "one plus one equal to two " is suddenly asked to solve some "complicated equations". Though there is no dearth of talent, capacity and commitment in the newly promoted ACs, their first posting in central circles is a bit unfair to them. In many cases it is seen that due to lack of experience in handling big assessments they fail to match up to the expectations. This many times goes against them in terms of Audit,Inspections, Reviews and ACR. Both the sides i.e. the Department and the Officers suffers.

There should therefore, be a definite policy on the postings in the Central Circles we feel....

Otherwise, Even the Brhamastra would fail.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shame Shame!!!

The September 2010 came to a close with a disappointment for our two senior colleagues who have been denied their fundamental right of promotion without any fault of theirs. Their only fault in the eyes of some however would be that they were not Direct Recruit IRS Officers. Their other fault is probably that they poured their sweat and blood in the service of the Department for 28-30 years. This is the reward they got from their employer.

The DPC for the cadre of JCIT was held on 20/21 September and the interim oral order of Principal bench of CAT was pronounced on 22nd or 23rd September. It is said that the CAT has not granted any stay on the Promotion but it is the UPSC which is reluctant to issue minutes of the DPC meeting. It is said that the lawyer of the UPSC has advised to wait for a certified copy of the order. The next hearing is on 4th October.

The following two officers have been deprived of the promotion due to litigation. Our all sympathies with them. Also we wish them a Very HEALTHY, HAPPY AND ACTIVE RETIRED LIFE.

(i) C.C.S. Bist DCIT : Civil List 00594
(ii) Kamal Raj : DCIT : Civil List 00790

The following Senior DCITs who are in the zone of promotion to the Cadre of JCIT are due to retire in the Current Month i.e on 31/10/2010.

Will they be fortunate unlike the above two?

(i)P G Tare Civil List 0927
(ii)G S Kedurkar Civil List 01607
(iii)M.K.Bhesania Civil List 01735

The other news that is from Jaipur is that meeting of Placement committee for ACIT is now to be held on 05/10/2010.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bichhde Sabhi Bari Bari!!

Transfer and posting of ACIT in Gujarat Region.

Consequent upon the promotions of the ITOs to the Cadre of ACIT, meeting of placement committee was held at Ahmedabad on last Monday. Orders of Transfer and postings have been released on Tuesday. There are 13 orders, out of which 12 are of newly promoted.

Mr. Satish H Solanki ACIT Central Circle2(2), Ahmedabad has been shifted to CIT-7, Ahmedabad i.e. to the salary charge. It is on the request of Shri Solanki.

There are two new entrants also.
One is Mr. Deba Brata Datta from Rajasthan, he is posted as ACIT(HQ) to CCIT-IV, Ahmedabad and
Mr. N K Goel from UP(West), posted in the DGIT(Investigation) at Ahmedabad. We Welcome both in Gujarat, the land of Mahatma, land of peace, non violence and brotherhood. We hope that both of them would enjoy their stint in Gujarat.

Other noteworthy postings are:

Mr. S L Katara -ACIT-Patan,
Mr. R L Sadhu ACIT-HQ(PR), Ahmedabad, he was ITO(PR) prior to his promotion also.
Mr. Shibaji Simlai - Posted in DGIT(Investigation), Ahmedabad. He was also ITO(Tech) to the DIT(investigation) since last 3 Years.

Others who have been retained Gujarat Region on educational ground/spouse grounds have been allowed to continue at the same stations.

Postings orders in Mumbai and Karnatak have been passed.
Placement committee meetings are said to be held on 30th i.e. today in Rajasthan and Pune Charges.

Mr. R. K Madanlal and Mr. Dilip K Shah of Gujarat posted in Mumbai region have been posted as ACIT(OSD) to the CCIT(CCA),Mumbai and ACIT(HQ) to CIT-V, Mumbai respectively.

Ms.Rajni Gohil from Gujarat is posted in Karnataka Region, her detailed posting is not known.

Seven officers from Gujarat are going to Rajasthan and two are going to Pune.

We wish all our colleges very best for their new assignments.

It is the occasion of great joy no doubt but still there is a little sorrow also of losing the company of friends with whom we spent beautiful, wonderful and unforgettable times.

It reminds us the famous lines...

Bichhde Sabhi Bari Bari!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Transfer/Postings How Much Transparent?

"In order to bring greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency and also to provide better opportunities to officers for excellent and proper career planning, appropriate placement/transfer guidelines are vital ingredients."

The above is the philosophy behind the Transfer/Placement Guidelines for IRS officers formulated by the Directorate of Human Resource Development of the CBDT.

The question is how much this philosophy is put in to practice while transfers and posting.

Every time when the DPC of any cadre is conducted, the CBDT calls for options from the officers who are in the zone of promotion for their postings with direction to indicate maximum of three CCIT(CCA) Regions in order of their preference to facilitate the Board to decide their postings.

What is the policy for considering the three options given in the order of preference by the officer is not mentioned in the Transfer/placement guide line.

Para 4.5 of Transfer/Placement Guidelines dated 16/02/2010 states as under
Quote "4.5 In case the number of officers opting for posting to a particular Region/station exceeds the number of vacancies available in that Region/station, the postings will be decided in the following manner:
(ii) Officers who have never worked in that particular Region/station will be given first preference for posting there and
(ii) Officers who have worked for lesser duration in that Region/station will be considered thereafter"

The above para means that if in a particular Region vacancies are more than the officers opting for that particular Region all officers opting for that particular region should be posted in that Region.

This,however, is hardly followed while passing the Transfer and Posting Orders. The officers are not given posting of their first choice even if there are enough number of vacancies in the Region of their first choice.

For Examples many Income tax officers from Gujarat Charge have given Mumbai as their first or second choice . There were sufficient number of vacancies in Mumbai Region and these officers have never worked in Mumbai Region but they have not been posted in Mumbai.


What is the meaning of order of preference then?

Secondly, many officers from Gujarat have given the first preference to Mumbai but only two officers have been posted in Mumbai. On what grounds others are not given the posting of their first preference?

What criteria have been applied to decided this?

Almost all the officers are given the posting in the Region of their third choice even though there are vacancies available in the Regions of their first/second choice. This kind of approach is against the objectives to bring greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency and philosophy to provide better opportunities to officers for excellent and proper career planning laid down in the Introduction of the Transfer Guide lines dated 16/02/10 issued by the Board itself.

Proper Clarification in the transfer policy is required on this aspect.

Transparency is also expected while considering the options given by the officers.

Comments invited.......

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It is learnt from sources that the Principal Bench of CAT New Delhi has given a green signal today to the promotions of the DCIT to the Cadre of JCIT. A few days back some Direct Recruit IRS officers filed petition before the Principal Bench of CAT regarding fixation of their interse seniority with Promotee IRS Officers of 2001 batch. Though the petitioner Direct Recruit Officers are Junior to the Promotee officers of 2001 batch they want their seniority to be fixed in between.

It is now becoming a regular feature that every Panel for promotion has to pass through three clearance viz., C R (Bench Mark) Clearance, Vigilance Clearance (not once not twice but thrice) and the clearance from CAT. The trend is clear indication of poor human resource management. Either rules are not formulated properly or they are not implemented in true spirit. The problems regrading seniority have mainly arisen in the cadres of ITOs and ACsIT on account of mass promotions due to cadre restructuring in 2001. This is because in both the cases two groups viz cadres of ITOs of different states or the promotee and direct recruit ACs are merging together. The process of merger and rules governing the mergers seems to be at fault.

Our leaders, however, have found out a wonderful solution to this problem. According to them problem of inter state Seniority of ITOs promoted in the cadre restructuring of 2001 would be resolved automatically when the next Cadre Restructuring would be implemented.
This is called LOHA LOHE KO KATTA HAI.

Do you agree Sir?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vincent has a Point!

We think Vincent from Mumbai in his on last post has raised a valid point that.............

"What is the fate of the commitments given by the Board when the agitation was withdrawn"

The ITGOA leaders while withdrawing the strike had stated (Pl read Sec Gen Email on ITGOA TNPs blog) that the member (P) has promised that the Board will issue minutes of the meeting dated 31/08/2010(wherein the so called promises were given) within a week. Today 22 days have passed but no such minutes have been issued so far by the Board. It is now suspected as to whether any promise was given by the Board in the said meeting of 31st August or not?

As regards interest of moderators on the issues other than ITO to ACIT promotion it is true that we are unable to issue post regularly since last few days but we are keeping an eye on all the issues concerning all the member officers of ITGOA of all cadres and we will issue post on such issues at appropriate time.

Nothing significant is happening in the Board with regard to DPC of ITO to ACIT for 2010-11. The concerned ITOs seems to be engaging themselves in the internal fight on their inter-se seniority problems. Shri G M Chauhan President of ITGOA Gujarat along with several ITOs of 2001 batch met the Member(Revenue)Shri Durgesh Shanker at Ahmadabad and handed over a representation with regard to the irregularities in the latest all India seniority list of ITOs. According to this representation in many CCIT (CCA) regions undue advantage has been given to the officers of their regions with regard to "deemed date of joining". The representation also seek to adopt a uniform policy with regard to the "date of joining" for all the regions. If the suggestions made in the detailed representation of ITGOA Gujarat are accepted and implemented there will be quite a big reshuffle in the inter se seniority of the 2001 batch ITOs.

The seniority issue of 2001 batch is very sensitive and would lead to a series of litigations which may cause inordinate delays in promotions, if it is not handled properly. The Association and the Board needs to handle the same very carefully and tactfully.It is in the interest of all that the same is resolved, amicably, as early as possible.